VISITORS to a theatre may feel like this time next year, they'll be millionaires after seeing this performance.

Comedy legend John Challis is visiting Lyme Regis' Marine Theatre in October as part of his 'Only Fools and Boycie' book tour.

John's tour will see him talking about his life and includes pieces from his 'Being Boycie' and 'Boycie & Beyond' books.

Despite John's wife being from Dorset, this will be his first visit to Lyme Regis.

John said: "I'm quite familiar with Dorset, and have attended the Great Dorset Steam Fair, but I have not been to Lyme Regis, it's fascinating."

John is most recognisable for playing Herman Terrance Aubrey 'Boycie' Boyce in John Sullivan's Only Fools and Horses, as well as in the spin-off The Green Green Grass.

On Only Fools and Horses, John said: "There is such a love for the show, and it's never been off-air, with it currently shown on Gold and Yesterday.

"It's on everyday with people constantly watching it, there's a great love for it.

"A lot of people find me entertaining, funny and interesting."

John said that despite the show finishing 15 years ago, he is still getting stopped by people who want to chat about it.

He said: "It is amazing how many young people have caught on to it. I always knew people would continue to like it, my generation have shared it with their children, and they have shared it with theirs. It's not been surpassed."

At the time of his death, John Sullivan was writing one last special, which was to coincide with the show's 30th anniversary, and would focus on Del's 65th birthday and his retirement, something John said would have been "hilarious" and is a "great shame it never happened."

When asked what his favourite moment of the show was, John said: "I had so many magical moments. In terms of my character, the best moment is the time you find out he's called Aubrey in episode 'In Sickness and Wealth', where the medium announces there is a message for someone called Aubrey and I reply with 'I am here'.

"I remember the scene being filmed in the studio and feeling terrific tension. To finish with that line, which got an enormous laugh, was a massive relief."

John also noted how the Batman and Robin scene was a favourite of his, and said: "Del Boy and Rodney were unlucky when they turned up to a wake in Batman and Robin costume.

"The whole sequence where they stopped a mugging, then had the rug pulled out from under their feet by my character was great. And Trigger coming dressed as a chauffeur, absolutely brilliant."

John noted that the inflatable dolls, Del falling through the bar, the chandelier scene, and the hand glider were also favourites, but joked not as good because Boycie wasn't in them.

He said: "I forget what episodes these bits were in, and after all this time, I can make connections. John Sullivan's genius was in his plotting and tying in storylines. That plotting is extraordinary."

John recently starred in ITV's Benidorm as loser-in-love Monty, who in the last series married Sherrie Hewson's character, Joyce Temple-Savage.

Although the show won this year's TV Choice Award for best comedy, the show has been cancelled by ITV.

John said: "It was good to play something different, and bit of a shame ITV cancelled it, especially given that the theatre shows are filling out, and the show was as popular as ever.

"No one could understand it, it's a great shame. It was good for me to start exploring a different character."

The tour will take John to several different locations across the country, where he will tell stories from his life.

John said: "It's something people always said I should do, and I've always written stuff down.

"It wasn't until I came to Herefordshire that I met someone with experience in editing and publishing, that I sent it all across.

"I have found it a really amazing experience. It's been good for facing up to things that happened in my life, such as the painful bits."

'Only Fools and Boycie' will take place at the Marine Theatre on Wednesday, October 24 and will be hosting a question and answer session afterwards.

Tickets are £17 in advance, £19 on the door and 10 per cent off for Theatre Friends.

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