IF you think you’re not into juggling, you may need to think again.

Jon Udry presents what he calls “the naked art of juggling” by deconstructing elements of danger and the pitfalls of performance.

His passion for his craft carries you through the story of his personal journey, illustrated through mesmerising patterns created by colour, sound and object manipulation.

The risk inherent in the tricks and the rockstar finale become a metaphor for Jon’s life and the story of love and loneliness of life on the road.

More Edinburgh Fringe than Brighton Pier, gone are the cheesy grins, the corny lift music and glitter.

Jon’s passion for juggling started at the age of six in the Cornish beach village of Perranporth. But it wasn’t until he was ten years old that he learnt how to do his first three balls cascade.

In 2007 he moved to London to further his career as a juggler and started working with the renowned Gandini Juggling and is still working on projects with them to this day.

Jon Udry Punches Gravity in the Face at Lighthouse, Poole on Saturday, March 10 at 8pm. Tickets: £12. Suitable for 12 years upwards.

For tickets and information, call 01202 280000 or visit lighthousepoole.co.uk