GO on an intergalactic journey this February half-term in a Dorset village.

Tessa Bide - A Strange New Space comes to Milborne St Andrew Village Hall on Tuesday February 13 at 11am.

Travel on a voyage into space, paralleled with Amira’s real-life journey as a refugee across continents, in this unforgettable physical theatre show without words, packed with puppetry and original music.

Did you know that astronauts get taller in space? That our solar system is around 4.6 billion years old? Or that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all of the beaches on Earth? Amira knows all of these things. She is completely obsessed with space and dreams of becoming an Astronaut. But one night, the bangs, whooshes and fizzes of her imagination explode right out of her dreams, becoming a deafening reality. In the darkness, Amira must leave her hometown to go on an adventure, to find a safe space.

Hearing the words ‘space’ and ‘adventure’, Amira quickly packs her bag for the intergalactic trip she’s been waiting for…

This show, winner of the Edinburgh Fringe Primary Times children’s choice award 2017, comes to Milborne St Andrew Village Hall courtesy of Artsreach. It is suitable for those aged four and above.

*A Strange New Space, Milborne St Andrew Village Hall, Tuesday February 13, 11am. Call 01258 839230 for tickets.