NOW 37 years old, Jermain Defoe’s football career is still going strong - and a lot of that could be because of his diet.

Although not a vegan, he’s dabbled with a plant-based diet and now sticks to eating fish and lots of veggies.

Defoe has seen the impact on his athletic performance - not only is he still playing at the top level, at an age when most pro footballers have retired, he’s also experienced fewer muscle injuries. “I thought it must be down to my diet - cutting meat out and really understanding what I’m actually putting into my body,” he says. Over his career, Defoe has played for Tottenham Hotspur and England, and is currently with Scottish Premiership club Rangers.

Here’s what happened when we grilled him about all things food...

  • Your death row meal would be... "I'd love a bit of Mexican - the tacos, different sauces, vegetables and dips."
  • Your favourite late-night snack is... "A little bit of pitta bread and hummus."
  • You like your eggs... "I love omelettes with cheese and spinach."
  • Your favourite childhood dinner was... “Mum’s West Indian food – rice and peas, a stew of fried fish, macaroni cheese, salad and potatoes.”
  • Last night you had... "I had a vegetable curry my mum made me, with rice and a nice salad with red onions, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and beetroot."
  • If you're ordering takeout, it has to be... "I don't really have takeout. If I had takeout, maybe after a game, I'd have a pizza or something."
  • Your ultimate hangover cure is... "I don't even drink! But for me, if I go out and wanted to have a naughty day, I'd have popcorn and sweets. I don't eat as much chocolate now, but I love sweets." like bubblegum."
  • The one thing you can’t stomach is... “I definitely couldn’t eat red meat now, I couldn’t eat steak. I couldn’t hack a proper greasy Chinese - I couldn’t do that, no chance.”