THERE's a week left to enjoy craft cider at a pub with a microbrewery.

Brewhouse and Kitchen in Dorchester is having a cider celebration, running until Sunday, August 18.

The cider festival features a range of rare drinks, all of which vary in taste. Pub bosses hope the festival will get people talking about craft cider.

Offerings range from Hawkes pineapple cider – which involve 100 pineapples in its brewing process – as well as Brännland, a cider that comes all the way from Sweden. As the trend for low alcoholic drinks has increased in the last year, Brännland is an example of a beverage with a lower alcohol percentage, but its sophistication provides drink-lovers with a refreshing alternative to a bottle of wine.

The other ciders drinkers can enjoy are Luke’s Third Batch - a delicious medium-dry lightly sparkling cider. Bold, punchy tannin, a long finish with added depth from oak aging and just a little bit of funk to keep things interesting

There's also Bumblebee Hard Cider - Robust and complex tannic structure, rolling from sweet to dry with a sun-baked West Country aroma

Also available is Cotswold Tuktuk - A unique lemongrass infused cider. An uplifting and invigorating tourist trap for the senses that takes refreshment to a new level

Another cider on offer is Big Nose & Beardy Great Expectations – A slowly matured cider that’s left for over a year, yet somehow still goes down like apple juice

Gail Bunn, Marketing Manager at Brewhouse & Kitchen said: “Brewhouse & Kitchen is really excited about the new range of ciders that have become available this month and we invite everyone to come down to their local site and try them out. This summer, lower alcohol and refreshing styles continue to be popular with consumers and with the large of ciders on offer, all varying so drastically in taste, means there will surely be something for everyone this summer."