A WEYMOUTH restaurant has joined the revolution in an attempt to make the town a plastic free community.

Shalims Indian Restaurant has teamed up with Weymouth BID, WPCC, Weymouth Town Council, Booker Wholesale and Plastic Pollution Awareness to support the national movement, Plastic Free Communities.

The collaboration came about after a recent workshop hosted by Shalim Abs and Plastic Pollution Awareness.

Shalim said: "We had a diverse group of business owners, activists and representatives from other towns attending the Plastic Pollution Workshop. The shocking facts that confronted us all spurred everyone into action and Weymouth is Going Plastic Free was formed.”

Craig Oakes, president of Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce, added: “We are committed to doing our best to educate the businesses that operate in our area into adopting a plastic free stance. By everybody playing their part, we can truly help to make a difference not just for ourselves, but for the generations that follow us. Plastic is a blight on our society and the harmful effects need to be reversed."

The first step is getting Weymouth Town Council to pass a resolution supporting the journey to Plastic Free Community status. The group will then try to encourage local businesses to replace plastic items with sustainable alternatives, before working with schools and community groups to spread the message.