LOVERS of bacon and the environment can rejoice - a premium West country brand has launched a revolutionary sustainable packaging.

Denhay, which has a farm at Broadoak, Bridport, has become the first major bacon brand to move away from black plastic and embrace a clear, 100% recyclable tray. The move is part of the Denhay's commitment to eradicate the 60 tonnes of non-recyclable waste going to landfill from its factory every year.

Meat products including bacon must be packed in plastic to ensure they meet food safety standards, but black plastic has been identified as particularly harmful by environmental organisations. The method used to colour the material means it can’t be recognised by the sorting systems operating in most recycling plants.

Jim Loescher, managing director of Denhay, said: “We are proud of our environmental efforts and are committed to reducing the amount of black plastic we use. We have listened to our customers and the wider food industry and I am thrilled to launch our new clear plastic tray. Being the first major bacon brand on the market to launch this is a great achievement for our business."

Awarded the Royal Warrant by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2008, Denhay has also announced its new Wiltshire Cure Thick Cut Smoked Back Bacon. The product boasts a subtle BBQ flavour, the result of the natural smoking process which takes place over a mixture of beech and hickory woods.

Founded in the early 1950s, Denhay has been producing high quality bacon for years, using timeless, traditional methods dating back to the 1840s and a special cure. The brand has been handcrafting the multi award-winning Wiltshire cure bacon for more than a decade.

The new packaging is set to be rolled out across all Denhay's products this spring.