A PIZZA restaurant in Weymouth is serving juice made from 'wonky' produce.

Flawsome drinks are now being served at The Stable, on Weymouth harbourside so you can now enjoy a refreshing accompaniment with your favourite pizza knowing you're helping to cut down on food waste.

The juice, available in apple and superberries flavour, apples and strawberries flavour and orange flavour, uses imperfect fruit that would otherwise be thrown out to create a range of juices. The brand was previously known as Wonky Drinks.

Flawsome is a social enterprise that aims to tackle food waste, reduce packaging waste and help orchards that can't shift 'wonky' produce. The business squeezes juice from wonky produce and is on a mission to create the most sustainable juice brand in Europe.

Every third fruit in the UK is wasted for being wonky - too big, too small or simply less attractive. Flawsome strive to create a world where food isn't needlessly wasted. Each bottle states what fruit you have 'saved'.

The glass bottles Flawsome comes in are made from 100 per cent recycled glass and have a screw top lid so can be used again and again.

A Stable spokesman said: "The Stable is definitely onboard with the Flawsome mission and wants to do more to reduce waste."

See flawsomedrinks.com for more information.


HERE at Dorset Echo Taste we put the wonky fruit made into juice to the test. We tried out three different flavours of Flawsome juice and here's what we thought:

Apples & superberries - Made up of 2.5 apples and 45 tiny chokeberries, we enjoyed the very sweet, moreish flavour of this variety. It was very much the taste of summer.

Apples and strawberries - Made up of 2 apples and five strawberries, this one's for those who like something a little tarter. With a light, subtle, hint of apples marrying with the strawberries and a refreshing, slightly tangy aftertaste, this was our pick of the flavours.

Orange - Made up of three oranges, this is orange juice at its purest, smelling and tasting as though those three oranges were squeezed just moments ago.