After all the stress of organising your dream wedding, you’ll want to make sure your honeymoon is just as memorable.

Whatever you decide, make sure you book early – not only will you get a better deal, it will keep you going when you’re getting bogged down with colour themes and seating plans to know you’ve got a dream holiday to look forward to at the end of it.

Make sure you get any jabs done in plenty of time, and check your passports are valid. If you’re changing the name on your passport, do it well in advance and make sure it ties in with the name you booked your honeymoon in, or you’ll be stuck at the airport.

Some couples prefer to have a day or two to relax after the big day before jetting off, but if you are flying the day after getting hitched, think about booking an airport hotel so you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn with a wedding hangover.

A beach holiday is always a popular choice, but if you’re not a sunworshipping couple, why not try one of these more unusual ideas?

Cruise the open roads

Fancy being the husband and wife version of Thelma and Louise? Then simply pick a map and plan your route. The USA is probably the best place to take this kind of honeymoon as the roads tend to be pleasant to drive and you really do have miles and miles to explore.

The most important thing is to allow yourself plenty of time to relax, so plan your journey to incorporate a few nights here and there to ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy the awesome scenery.

Set sail

If the idea of endless luxury on board a cruise ship floats your boat, now’s the time to head off on the cruise of a lifetime.

Whether you voyage down the Nile or head across the Atlantic on the QM2, make sure you choose a cruise that’s heading towards or around an area you would like to visit, and that also offers activities that appeal to you.

Idyllic isolation

If the only company you really desire is one another’s, then opt for the intimate, yet wide open feel of either the Maldives or the Seychelles. These are the last word in romantic honeymoon destinations with miles of deserted beaches. Add crystal clear, tranquil waters that are constantly at bath temperature, sunset dinners and deluxe, private accommodation and you’ve got the ultimate honeymooner’s paradise.

Hit a beach with a difference

If you want to enjoy a few days on the beach, but don’t want the now familiar Caribbean style honeymoon, why not opt for somewhere like Brazil or Morocco? In Brazil you can chill out on the famous Ipanema beach and take in the vibrant culture of Rio de Janeiro, and in Morocco the beachfront resorts are mainly clustered around bustling and ceaselessly fascinating Marrakech.

Food of love

Gourmets with a love of wine and cuisine can really indulge their passions on a specialist honeymoon. How about a break in romantic Champagne, or a wine-tasking adventure in Italy, South Africa or Australia?

Special interest

Think about your interests and hobbies. If you both love movies, plan a celeb-spotting film fest trip to the likes of the Cannes Film Festival, or LA. If you’re both fans of yoga or alternative treatments, book up for a relaxing spa break or yoga retreat.

Close to home

What could be more unique than not going abroad on your honeymoon? Instead of spending money on flying half way around the world, surprise everyone by taking a trip of total luxury in the UK. Head for a Scottish castle for a week or two of total pampering with four poster beds and roaring log fires or unwind in an idyllic Cornish cottage surrounded by gorgeous walks.

Adrenaline adventure

If you’re both hooked on excitement, go more for a whiteknuckle ride than a regular honeymoon. Scuba diving, whitewater rafting, snowmobiling, bungee jumping, skydiving or even rock climbing will all give you that necessary buzz.

On safari

Get up close to amazing wildlife as well as one another on safari. South Africa, Kenya, Africa, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Australia are all great romantic destinations – make your choice depending on what you want to see and what else you want to do. It’s worth combining your safari with a few days of relaxation as all that “getting up at the crack of dawn” to try and spot a tiger can be exhausting.