It seems like such a simple affair, but arranging the wedding transport can be one of the biggest nightmares.

The theory is that the more expensive the car, the better you will feel, so Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce or Porsche are great. Even better if you have a friend or know someone who owns one.

Some people love to turn up in matching vehicles, whether that be a limousine or a Robin Reliant.

For something really different, turn up in a restored NYPD police car or a New York checker cab.

For an entrance worthy of a Bond girl, arrive by helicopter!

This is not only a thrilling way to travel, it can also be very practical if your ceremony venue is some way from your home or the reception. Just make sure it doesn’t blow the budget!

More and more people are going for the unique touch by revamping their classic car for the event – in fact the options are pretty much endless.

Whatever you decide on though, be sure to make preparations early as vehicles can get booked up months, if not years in advance.

As with most things, it’s better to go by recommendation rather than just picking something because it sounds great.

You want to be sure the vehicle gets there on time, doesn’t break down and is appropriate for your wedding. There’s no point going for an open top if you’re getting married in the winter.

The transport should be in keeping with the rest of your wedding and, though it may not seem such a big issue to start with, the transport sets the tone of the whole events.

Be sure to check the actual vehicle before you book, because if it is part of a fleet you will want to make sure you get exactly what you ask for and that the car is in mint condition – see it for yourself if possible.

Now you’ve got that sorted, it’s time to consider how to “dress” the car. If you want ribbons, strings or bows make sure that the company knows.

Many provide these trimmings, but if you want something specific – say a particular flower arrangement or a certain shade of ribbon – give yourself enough time to organise this and make sure the company has time to kit out the car.

When you’re arranging transport you also need to consider how your mum and bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party are going to get there – otherwise you may be left standing at the altar.

Lastly, make sure you confirm your booking at least a week before – and preferably earlier – just to be on the safe side.

Top tips:

1. When hiring a car, make sure you see if before booking or paying a deposit – photos can be deceiving.

2. Make sure the colour of your transport doesn’t clash with your bouquet or, worse, your dress.

3. Buy the ribbon for the front of the car well in advance and ask someone reliable to attach it on the day.

4. If you’re using your own car, have it valeted before the wedding.

5. Colour co-ordinate the colour of the ribbon with your flowers and colour theme of your wedding.

6. Don’t forget the other members of your bridal party – you’ll need transport for your mum and the bridesmaids.

7. If you’re going on honeymoon straight from the wedding, remember you will need to take your luggage with you to the reception.

8. Enjoy your time together from the ceremony to the reception – if you’re having separate venues – it may be the only time you’ll get together on the day.