Book a free consultation with a stylist as soon as the wedding has been booked to ensure your hairdresser is free for your big day.

Take along images of hairstyles you like even if you only like segments of a style.

Don’t just look at bridal hair magazines for inspiration, check out the latest red carpet shots to ensure you are keeping up-to-date with the latest trends.

Discuss whether you are planning for the hairdresser to come to you or if you will be visiting the salon on the day.


It’s important your hair looks its best so ensure you use a good home care range of products including regular conditioning treatments.

Four-six weeks before the wedding get your hair trimmed to maintain its condition.

Two-three weeks before the big day attend your hair trial – ensure you take your veil and or any hair jewellery with you, also take more pictures of styles remember to take a camera to capture the final look.

A key tip is not to try and look different, instead try to be a glamorous version of yourself.

After the trial has finished and you are 100 per cent happy with your style discuss timings for the day. You should know what order your hair and makeup will be done leaving you enough time for photos before the ceremony.

The Big Day

If you are having your hair up it is often a good idea to wash it the day before so it is not too soft to style, unless your hair is really oily. This should have been discussed with your stylist. Ensure you wear a button/zip up top while getting ready so you don’t have to take it off over your head after your hair has been done.


IF you can afford it, it’s a good idea to have a make-up artist do your make-up for your big day, to ensure you look your best.

But make sure you have a trial first to ensure you’re happy with the look.

Advice is that bridal make-up needs to have a bit of colour to compensate for the whiteness of the dress, but you will probably still want to look natural.

Try going for a pinky blusher and always opt for waterproof and long-wearing formulas with mascara and eyeliner to avoid smudges and streaks.

You’ll want to make sure your hands are in good condition as well as your ring finger will be one of the main focuses of the day.

Condition and moisturise your hands with a good hand cream and cuticle oil at night for at least a month and hold off excessive use of coloured nail varnishes in the run up to your wedding, as you’ll probably want a more muted shade on the day.

Top tips

Exfoliate twice a week: As well as the obvious benefits of sloughing off dead skin, it forces you to set aside a bit of “me time”.

Keep skin plumped up: Use a mega-intensive moisturising mask once a week. Feeling good after a face treatment has much to do with the time spent lying still while it works as the actual potion itself! Do it in the bath or on a comfy sofa or bed with your feet raised on a cushion.

Get some sleep: Stop watching late-night TV rubbish, grab a good book and get in to the habit of having at least two early nights a week. Even if you’re not asleep, just being in bed will relax you and those eye bags and dark circles will diminish.

Drink water: Sparkly eyes and a healthy complexion can only be achieve with maximum hydration. Using a good moisturiser will work wonders on the outside, but it’s what goes on inside that counts, and quaffing eight glasses of water every day will make a big difference.