Booking your wedding photographer may not be high up on your list of priorities - but remember, these will be your memories of your big day.

Your wedding will never be repeated, so you want to make sure your photographer can capture the best moments, without cutting anyone's heading off or giving you a red eye.

Whoever you book to take your pictures will be spending a substantial amount of time with you on the best day of your lives, so it has to be someone you can get along with.

Once you've taken the time to find the perfect person, make sure you get the agreement in writing. Check the small print and be sure exactly what you're getting for your money, and when you will have the photos.

You could ask your photographer to sign a contract which records your wedding date, time and place and any restrictions or conditions.

A good professional photographer will use his or her creative and technical skill and tactfully as possible, but discuss the role you want your photographer to play on your wedding day.

If your wedding photos are particularly important to you, skimping on this may not pay off as the photographic style and quality can vary enormously.

Remember that your family will be charged separately for any copies they order, but some photographers will throw in some extras such as a bunch of thank you cards with a small photo enclosed.

If you've spent a long time creating invites, menus, flower arrangements etc, you'll want these details to be captured as well.

Try to meet with the photographer at the venues for the service and the reception beforehand, so he or she can get a feel for the best settings for photographs.

Don't forget to check with your minister or registrar whether photography is allowed during the ceremony.