BRIDPORT Medical Centre is preparing to move on to the next phase in its vaccination programme.

Cohort six is made up of at-risk clinical groups, carers, those with morbid obesity and individuals with a severe mental illness.

The people who fall in this category are those aged 16 to 65 years old and in an at risk group. Some will already have had their vaccine as they will also come under the shielding group.

Another successful clinic was held at Bridport Medical Centre on Saturday, February 13, which saw another 1,350 people vaccinated. The total number of vaccinations given is now reportedly 12,000.

The clinics are operated by the Jurassic Coast Primary Care Network (PCN) – made up of Bridport Medical Centre, Charmouth Medical Practice, The Tollerford Practice, Barton House Medical Practice and Lyme Bay Medical and Dental Practices.

The next clinic will be held on Friday, February 26. Those who come under cohort six may receive an invite for this clinic. Those who do not receive an invite are urged not to panic as this is the PCN's biggest cohort so far.