While the weather may be getting gloomier, it's getting 'otter' in West Bay.

Last week we reported how a seal had dropped into the Bay, and had been seen resting on the pontoons.

Now another marine mammal has been seen in the area - this time, an otter.

An otter was spotted in the harbour earlier this month, and Rachel Jenner saw one again this week.

It is believed to have made its way down to the harbour from the River Brit.

This cute chap wasn't popular with everyone however – Rachel said the otter was very interested in the catch by some local fishermen.

Rachel, who also took pictures of the seal, said: "I'm feeling incredibly lucky to be able to walk around West Bay harbour every day but it's been another first as I've never seen an otter in the Bay before.

"The otter was a cheeky thing and stayed around for quite some time swimming up one side of the pier and then back the other side of the pier.

"I think he may have been upsetting the couple of fishermen that were there with their nets as he was showing too much interest in them.

"We spotted the otter with a small flounder in its mouth a couple of times."