Bridport’s fourth Fiver Fest is gathering pace with 24 local independent businesses already signed up to create special £5 offers for their customers.

Fiver Fest encourages people to think about how they spend their cash with a simple message - ‘If everyone in Bridport and the surrounding villages spent £5 a week with a local business instead of online or in a big supermarket, we could add an extra £4.6million to Bridport’s local economy’.

The £5 offers will be available from participating shops from Saturday, October 10 to Saturday, October 24.

Organisers Antonia Squire and Kim Squirrell stress that although Fiver Fest won’t suit every business, the campaign has been proven to raise awareness and change shopping habits that will benefit everyone.

They said: “If you can’t join in this time, please support us, share the message and look out for more from us over the coming months. The latest project from Totally Locally HQ offers Bridport a town shopping website and we are promoting the idea with 15 businesses interested so far.”

For more information, email or search for Totally Locally Bridport on Facebook.