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Balti Sports and Dorchester Sports are set to contest their hotly-awaited derby tomorrow (2pm).
Freddie Charles, front, will again take up his role at half-back Picture: TIM BEAVIS
Portland goalkeeper Mike Edgar is available for the Blues	               Picture: IAN MIDDLEBROOK
Weymouth boss Brian Stock 
	         Picture: MARK PROBIN
Magpies' skipper Ash Wells is back in training after a hamstring issue 	     Picture: DAVID PARTRIDGE
Magpies' boss Glenn Howes 
Weymouth & Portland’s Will Quick crashed over for the first try                Picture: IDRISMARTIN.WORDPRESS.COM
Ethan Devaney netted Balti Sports' equaliser against the Zebras 			  Picture: IAN MIDDLEBROOK
Dani Ackerman scored a hat-trick for Weymouth in their 8-0 win               Picture: RYAN ASMAN
Weymouth switched off at key defensive moments Picture; MARK PROBIN