I WOULD like to voice my opinions with regards to the proposed Christmas preparations.

Instead of trying to offer Bridport businesses scrappy little trees which are not worth more than at least a fiver, why not do something good for the town instead?

Here’s how: by offering free parking from November 24 to December 24.

Not just at specific times but all day every day. Just like they have in Newquay in Cornwall.

This will attract a lot more people into Bridport and bring more revenue to the town.

With reference to the street Christmas decorations, I feel it’s about time the council invested in something decent that works.

Bridport’s decorations are a laughing stock and visitors have mentioned this to me on many occasions. Why not take some tips on how to decorate our town and visit, for example, Yeovil for some inspiration.

Even the poorest towns and villages in Cornwall put a better show on than Bridport.

If you want to put some Christmas cheer into Bridport then put some more pennies into the festive pot.

But do it without asking local businesses for more money.

PETER TOMS Kernow Pantry West Street Bridport