I wish Bridport residents good luck with their continued campaign against West Dorset District Council’s draft local plan.

While it can be a thankless job working for the council, and a lot of good work does get done, clearly in this instance they have forgotten what’s what and to ask the consensus of the people who fund the council what they would like in their town.

If there is a true housing shortage for those who live in the area then it needs to be met in conjunction with, and sympathetic to, the local economy.

But if it’s to build a load of houses just because you can, then what’s the point, as you’ve just then removed a tourist attraction and local business.

The charm and uniqueness of Bridport, which is what visitors like myself are looking for, would be partly destroyed.

Maybe instead of permitting houses on St Michael’s Trading Estate you should celebrate the history and what it was all about – the people and the characters now, and how an old industrial area is being upcycled in support of small business. It would also celebrate, of course, what Bridport is renowned for – a diverse artists’ community which all goes into driving the local economy.

Look in London – a lot of the old markets are still going on.

I live in Emsworth, a small village / town which has managed to hold on to some of its history and charm.

Yes it’s had to change but you need to retain the cared-for history which is what brings an area alive.

James Pickering