The council should think twice about issuing licences for expensive amusements such as slides and helter-skelters on West Bay beaches.

They are unnecessary and belong in the fairground nearby.

This needs discussing.

The huge blow up slide presiding over East Beach is not only out of character but impinges on the views of our unique part of the coast.

In addition, its generator is very noisy and emits fumes.

The small beaches are already well used.

We also have a great and well attended playground which costs the parents nothing.

Children make their own fun – catching crabs, swimming, playing on the beaches, taking a boat up the river. These are healthy and imaginative activities.

Not many places can offer this.

Enterprise and progress, yes (and perhaps a little more creativity as our harbourmaster has shown) but not at the expense of taking away the unique attraction of West Bay.

Broadchurch alone ensures we have more visitors and there is already plenty to do and see.

Don't spoil it…

Jan White
Pier Terrace