I am searching for family members who may be in the West Dorset area: Ronald George Rowe, born 1928 and Sheila Rowe, nee Dumper, born 1932, who married in 1952.

They adopted a daughter called Julie although I am unsure of the year she would have been adopted.

My name is Louise Rowe and I am searching for Ron, Sheila and Julie.

Ron was the eldest of the four brothers who were Norman, Gordon and Robert.

Their parents were George Alfred Rowe and Bessie Olive Rowe nee Stevens.

My dad, Gordon Rowe last saw Ron at their mother’s funeral in 1983 and when Norman sadly passed away my dad went to the last known address in Hedge End but Ron and Sheila had moved away and left no forwarding address.

Ron and Julie worked at Raeburn Dairies in Hedge End.

Any information regarding Ron, Sheila and Julie I would be so very grateful as my dad will be 70 this year and we are all so desperate to find them.

My dad has such happy memories of Ron when he was growing up and myself and my mum would very much like to make contact.

I can be contacted by my email address which is sliema1lou@aol.com

Louise Rowe
Address supplied