IT’S the first quarter-finals at the World Cup today and the time when the big names will start to fall.

There’s an all-European tie at 5pm, as France take on Germany.

Both teams are playing well and it could be a close game.

Susann Idres, who lives in Bournemouth, is following her native Germany.

She said: “I’m not feeling that great, Germany’s last performance was pretty awful against Algeria, we were lucky to go through, I think.

“I’m hoping that they will be a bit more concentrated but I’m not very positive about it.

“France played well in a couple of games but their last couple were not so good, but they were better than us.

“They have great players and our defence is struggling quite a lot at the moment.”

At 9pm, hosts Brazil take on Columbia, who have been one of the most consistent teams in the tournament so far.

They look set to give Brazil a tough match and the host nation will need to be on top form to make sure they don’t suffer elimination.

Erica Karouk, who lives in Bournemouth, is cheering on Brazil.

She said: “I think Columbia have done extremely well, they have been very good and have won all of their matches; I expect it will be a very hard game.

“I think they (Brazil) can beat them, they have a lot on board to do so, but they have to put themselves together.

“They’ve been quite emotional so far in the games so far and they have to chill out a bit.”