BRIDPORT could be facing a third postponement in the space of eight days on Saturday, according to boss Trevor Senior.

After last Saturday’s home match against Gillingham Town was called off an hour before kick-off, last night’s trip to Ilfra-combe Town went the same way.

The Bees are set to host Buckland Athletic this Saturday (3pm) but with the St Mary’s Field pitch not dealing well with the weekend’s rain it is looking doubtful as to whether Bridport will see any action this weekend.

“With the water we’ve had on our pitch it’s touch and go for Saturday,” said Senior. “It’s all been disappointing over the last few days.

“We’d have liked to have played Ilfracombe, just to get another game out of the way.

“That’s now another one we’ve got to fit in somewhere and it’s one more that Jamie Symes doesn’t get to play in while he’s on loan with us.”

One positive to come from last night’s postponement is that Sam Filkins, Russell Legg and captain Ryan Hayter, who were unavailable for the trip to Devon, can come back for Saturday without having missed a game.

They face a side they have played twice so far this season, losing on both occasions, 2-1 in the FA Cup and 3-2 in the league.

“I thought they were one of the best sides in the division and expect them to be there or thereabouts at the end of the season,” added Senior.

Above all, Senior just wants his players to get some game time, something they were unable to do last Saturday despite the Bridport and Gillingham players eager to get the match going.

Speaking to Echosport after that postponement, Senior said: “There was an area of the pitch, a circle, I suppose about five foot across, which was a bit soft and that was the referee’s main concern.

“We had put sand on it and accept there was quite a bit of give but it was probably about one or two per cent of the whole pitch.

“There were a couple of other areas of the pitch the referee mentioned later but that small circle was the main reason he called the game off.

“Everyone had a story to tell about playing on a pitch worse than that but he wasn’t having any of it so we had to pack up and go home. If we had got a local referee in the morning I can’t imagine he would have said the game was going to be called off.

“Both sets of players wanted to play the game but he said it was his responsibility and if someone broke their leg in that area it would be his neck on the line.

“I know he has got to cover himself and that’s the way the world is.

“Both sets of players were prepared to sign a document that wouldn’t have held the referee responsible but it doesn’t work that way.

“One of the ironic things is that some of us went to watch the second half at Dorchester and their pitch was like a ploughed field but they played the game and that’s Conference South standard.

“There is no consistency. If things were consistent I could understand it.”

Senior is also trying to extend Jamie Symes’s loan deal.

Bees: (from) S Filkins, C Clarke, Evans, S Buckler, Hayter, Luke, Wise, Dovell, Symes, Hailu, B Clarke, Legg