JOHN Boxall, Peter Hunt and Hugh Rees's Hatters maintained their 100 per cent winning start in the Bridport Morning League after a two count on the final end gave them a 10-8 win over the Bandits.

Alan Wotherspoon, Gerry Moss and Brian Baker's Supernovas are also unbeaten after their opponents, the Hillbillies failed to show up, giving them the points.

Pat and Martin Waters and Mike Fletcher's Mannequins had a sensational 27-2 win over the hapless Grumblers.

Laurence Henry, Phil Hedges and Mike Long's Old Timers finished 3-1-1-1-2 to beat Four Menandalady 15-7, while Roy Nicoll, Erica Sarson and Barry Mapson's Wickers beat Hotspurs 18-7.

Jackie White, Long and Hedges' Pirates were the big winners in the Evening League, ending the Gazelles' 100 per cent winning start 20-9.

Sandra and Mel Hargett and Keven Rendell's Jackpots and Mike Parsons, Tony Sharood and Phil Benton's Wyverns join Gazelles as the joint leaders after 12-6, 21-16 successes over Totties and Was-up respectively.

Maureen Hicks, Liz Walker and Ivor Parker's Chancers came from 11-1 down to beat Renegades 19-13, while Geoff Hansen, Reg Dodd and Jenny Harding's Dingos beat Potters 15-12.

Penny and Robin Pither and Sue Nicoll's Lillywhites and Sylvia and Mike Fletcher and Baker's Butlins drew 12-12.

Bridport Royals faced Bridport Navy in the Summer County League, picking up maximum points as Hedges, Tracey Marley and Mike Fletcher won 23-9 against Erica Sarson, Anne Parkins and David Jenkin and Sylvia Fletcher, Margaret Pestelle and Long defeating Chas Clarke, Moss and Hunt 18-10.

In the Famous Five national competition, Long and Annie Bowden won the pairs away against Dolphin (Poole) for two points.

Dolphin took the remaining points as they won the singles, triples and rinks.

Tracey Marley, Robin Pither, Jenny Harding and Keith Jenkins were Bridport's only winning rink at Dorchester, as the host ran out 101-68

victors in their five-rink mixed friendly.