BRIDPORT boss Adam Fricker is looking to “enjoy the occasion” when the Bees travel to St Albans for their FA Cup third qualifying round tie on Saturday (3pm).

The Saints sit three rungs above Bridport in the league pyramid system, and Fricker insists that the “pressure is on them” to deliver against his underdog side.

He said: “We can literally just go up there and enjoy the occasion. The pressure is on them and they will know that. They are three leagues above us so we’ll need a little luck on our side.

“Our cup final was against Cadbury Heath and to get to this level is a fantastic achievement but we’re certainly not feeling the pressure at all, to be honest.”

Knowing the game could be up with a poor start, Fricker is keen for the Bees not to concede early.

He said: “We’ll be looking to break the game up into 20 minute sections. It’s important that we start strong and don’t concede early, then it starts to heap pressure on St Albans.

“We’re an attacking team so we won’t be making changes to go defensive. We’ll try to make sure that for the first 20-25 minutes we’re still in the game.

“If we can get to half-time and see where we are, we’ll go from there.”

And Fricker is eager to enjoy what he believes will be a “fantastic day” for the club.

“It’s a fantastic day for the club and all the people that work so hard behind the scenes who don’t get spoken about. The league have been good enough to call the reserves’ game off, so we’ll be taking a few up there, that’s for sure,” he said.