BRIDPORT & West Dorset Golf Club's men’s Sunday competition was the Atherton Cup – a Flag Greensome off half of combined handicap, writes Peter Crowter.

Two teams carried on past the 18th and the cup winners who got to the second fairway were Nigel Challis (19) and Dave Smith (13).

The second team was that of Kevin Jones (9) and Lawrence Turner (23) and they got within two feet of the hole on the first.

The third team’s final shot was on the 17th, where they putted out and that was Doug Miners (13) and Robin Ormsby (19).

Veterans' Section

AFTER having competitions cancelled in February due to bad weather, March has so far been much kinder to the veterans and for the second week in a row they enjoyed the best weather of the week for their latest competition.

This was the Luton Ladle, a greensome competition and for this the weather was mild and sunny.

Twenty-eight teams took part and scoring was extremely tight, in fact, positions were determined by one point or best back nine, right down to the 22nd place.

Roy Mathisen (20) and Robert Froy (28) took the silverware with 39 points closely followed by vets' captain Dave Buckland (21) and Dougie Howells (19) with 38 points.

The next three teams all scored 37 points with Howard Bonfield (16) and Tony Williams (28) taking third place after countback.

Ladies' Section

By Di Neal

SATURDAY and Tuesday ladies played their first EG Medal or a qualifying Stableford of 2017, writes Di Neal.

Saturday was showery with a strong wind but the lucky Tuesday ladies had dry, still conditions if a trifle nippy towards the end of the morning.

Division One: 1 Carole Brown (93-15=78), 2 Judy Walters (98-16=82).

Division Two: 1 Lyn Jessopp (103-25=78), 2 Liz Thompson (102-23=79).

Division Three: 1 Avril Brown (113-32=81), 2 Wendy Newton (118-35=83).

Qualifying Stableford

1 Carole Hedley, 2 Di Neal.