A GLANCE at the scores will show you how difficult conditions were for the men’s Sunday Stableford, writes Peter Crowter.

Although it was dry, it was very windy and, of the 51 entrants, only two players managed to card a score in the thirties.

There were 16 scores in the teens and one didn’t manage double figures but, despite the odds stacked against them, all but five players completed their rounds.

One man who must have had lead in his boots was Nathan Dunford in Division Three, and his top score of the day, 34 points, heaved Dave Boggis into second place by a massive eight points.

The other man in the 30s was Barry O’Mahony, leader of Division One, with 31 points. Mike Thompson won Division Two with 29 points.

RESULTS Division One: 1 Barry O’Mahony (10) 31pts, 2 Gavin Gay (8) 27pts, 3 Graham Blunden (8) 24pts.

Division Two: 1 Mike Thompson (13) 29 pts, 2 (acb) Mike McGrady (15) 28pts, 3 (acb) Ian Thacker (16) 28pts.

Division Three: 1 Nathan Dunford (26) 34pts, 2 Dave Boggis (19) 26pts, 3 (acb) Derek Griggs (21) 24pts.

* Sixteen men turned out for the mixed midweek medal, no doubt delighted that they had chanced upon a dry and bright window in this winter of wind and water.

The winner was Mike Halford and his score of 96-27-69 gave him a nett lead of four clear points over runner-up Larwence Turner with 93-20-73.

Close behind him in third place was Tony Lovelace 95-21-74.


THE Thursday competition was a three clubs and a putter Stableford.

There was a fairly low turnout of 34 players, no doubt owing to the recent non-golfing weather and the fact that the morning started out dull, wet and breezy.

However, the conditions soon improved, and the sun put in an appearance, but the soft, damp conditions underfoot made club selection difficult with only four allowed in the bag.

With very little run on the fairways, a driver was a tempting choice but that club is not very versatile for other shots.

The two division leaders overcame the handicaps with Ed Hanson, in Division Two, scoring 36 points, and Dougie Howells, in Division One, close behind with 35 points.

RESULTS Division One: 1 Dougie Howells (18) 35pts, 2 (acb) Richard Lomax (17) 32pts, 3 (acb) Mike McGrady (15) 32pts, 4 Bryan Holmes (20) 32pts.

Division Two: 1 Ed Hanson (21) 36 pts, 2 Eric Hall (28) 31pts, 3 Brian Osborne (21) 29pts, 4 David Cotgrove (26) 28pts.