Veterans’ Section

NINETEEN teams of three turned out on a cold but dry Thursday morning for a Texas Scramble (1/10th of combined handicap), writes Peter Crowter.

There were some good scores turned in with eight teams in the sub-70 bracket and there was little to choose between the top three teams.

The winning team by a margin of 0.5 was Roy Gill (12), David Inglesent (19) and Glyn Peach (26) – 65.3. Runners-up were Mike McGrady (15), Dave Smith (20) and Mike Conway (27) – 65.8.

Third, just 0.7 behind them, were Brian Osborne (18), Ian Perry (19) and Tony Williams (28) – 66.5.

Men’s Section On the following very cold Sunday the men also held a Texas Scramble under similar rules.

Despite the snow on the Friday, all 18 holes were open and they were able to use the main greens.

The younger men seemed to cope with the Arctic conditions a little better than their senior colleagues the previous Thursday and their scores were appreciably lower.

The gross scores of the three top teams were very similar but coming out on top were Kevin Jones (6), Mike Chivers (10) and Duncan Jones (28) 66-4.4-61.6.

Runners-up were Rob Condliffe (6), Gavin Gay (8) and Simon Beal (14) 65-2.8-62.2, and in third were Steve Crabb (7), Gary Edwardes (8) & Matt Gale (10) 66-2.5-63.5.