LYME Regis residents can now take advantage of discounts and offers at local businesses after the town council launched a gateway card.

Councillors are hoping more businesses sign up for the initiative, which launched on Monday - labelled as a "real asset for the town".

Cllr Cheryl Reynolds, who has been instrumental with the project, was pleased with the launch.

She said: "I am really pleased and I think that once people see how it goes, more people will join the scheme.

"I think people are a bit reluctant in the beginning to take on something new. If we can encourage residents to shop locally and they can get a deal with it, then it will work well for everybody."

The card comes in two designs, created by pupils from St Michael’s Primary School and Woodroffe School.

Cllr Reynolds added: "Residents do all feel a bit put out by tourists. We do all need the tourists to come but we want to do things to show that local people are important to the town.

"The designs are both lovely and very different. We still want more businesses to get involved and remember that the offer does not have to be constrained, it can be quite flexible."

Larry Gibbons, who owns Largigi restaurant, thinks it will help businesses attract trade from local residents.

He said: "It is nice to support the town and we all support each other.

"It's great to be doing something for locals and to be supporting businesses and it works very well."

Maggie Lay, from The Seriously Good Wine Company, is confident signing up to the project will help put the business on the map for local residents.

She said: "I think for us, we are a bit tucked away in Drakes Way, just off Broad Street.

"We get a lot of trade from tourists and we would like to thing we can offer something for local people and we cater for everybody. We think this card could encourage locals to come in and enjoy something that is personal to them."

Pat Hicks from Lyme Regis Brewery, added: "I'm very pleased and I think it's going to be a real asset.

"I'm hoping it's going to bring in a bit of local business and give local people some benefits and something to be proud of."

Cllr Richard Doney, said he was excited about other projects the town council has in the pipeline to help benefit residents.

He added: "This council's approach has been to give back to the residents and we have done that every year.

"We want everyone to take advantage of this and it's something really positive for the town."