THE memory of a woman whose love of Lyme Regis inspired her passion for walking has been honoured in a way she would have appreciated.

Liz Jones and her husband David used to come for their holidays to the resort and it was the stunning views and the network of footpaths that put an extra spring in their steps.

When they came to live in the area that love affair continued – and even after she was diagnosed with cancer she kept on walking.

So, in her memory, David and friends from the Lyme Regis U3A walking group, which they led from its inception eight years ago, have catalogued some of her favourite walks and are sharing them on the town’s website.

Mr Jones said: “Liz loved walking in the Lyme Regis area, was a wizard with Ordnance Survey maps and sourced more than 70 circular walks within 15 miles of Lyme.

“Liz still continued to walk despite being diagnosed with malignant melanoma and undergoing brain and other surgery.”

She died, aged 66, on April 15 last year and members of the U3A group decided to make some of her walks available to a wider audience with the aim of having the project up and running before the first anniversary of her death, as a tribute.

Mr Jones said: “It has turned out quite well.

“It took quite a bit of organising. I had to re-walk the walks, make notes and then somebody else had to do the walk with my notes to make sure it worked.

“Then we had to make maps, then edit the walks because they wouldn’t fit on a page “Nine of the group got involved and we are quite pleased with how it turned out.

“She would have got quite a kick out it – she loved walking here so much.

“She just loved the fact that wherever you looked there were footpaths to be walked.”

They did look at producing a book to raise money but decided there were already a lot about – so they added the specific walks to the town’s website.

Mr Jones added: “Someone had the bright idea of putting them on the website and then they would be free for everyone.”

And that would be entirely in keeping with his late wife’s giving nature, he said.

She was also involved in Meals on Wheels and delivering books to the housebound.

He added: “She never complained about being ill and when she was diagnosed when she was 60 and was told there was no cure, she said she’d had 60 good years and that was more than most. That was her attitude and she made the best of what she had left.”

The 12 Liz Jones commemorative walks can be downloaded from the Lyme Regis website

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