YOUTH music charity B Sharp has hired professional musicians to help educate budding stars in West Dorset.

The Lyme Regis-based charity has appointed John Miles, who works with orchestras in London and across the United Kingdom as its musical leader for the project which has expanded further into West Dorset and East Devon.

There will also be a number of local musicians who have been trained by B Sharp accompanying Mr Miles to offer their expertise.

These include singer songwriter Jess Upton, Jacques Verhaeren and Grace Gillan from local band Papa Le Gal, acoustic solo artist Angelina Westdorp, vocalist Chloe Stratta and percussionist and vocalist Matt Hartnell. To get a taste of what B Sharp offers, they are offering the chance to prospective members to go along to a session and see work in progress.

You can also attend B Sharp’s next small performance at the Women’s Institute Hall, North Street, Bridport, on February 19, at 2pm.

The project is bringing together young musicians and giving them the opportunity to write, perform and record music, for both vocalists and instrumentalists. Regular sessions will be held during term times in Bridport and Lyme Regis and are for all levels of experience.

To join the ensemble contact franwilliams@ or see for full details.