LYME Regis chalet owners remain concerned over the future of the site despite the demolition of five unsafe holiday homes.

Demolition began on Wednesday and all five are expected to be torn down by the end of today.

Chalet owner Chris Edgar, who represents Ware Cliff residents, said the demolition work is progressing well.

He said: “Obviously it’s not that easy, it’s quite a tricky job.

“A lot of it will be gone by tonight and they will tidy the site on Tuesday or Wednesday.

“There is still quite a lot of movement behind and obviously there are concerns for other chalets in the long run but it is upto the council’s engineer to look at the site.

“It looks quite dry here at the moment because we have had no rain.

“It looks quite devastating with the chalets pulled down, it looks like a bit of a bomb site, but the main thing is it’s making the site safer, getting the damaged buildings out of the way."