DON’T expect Lyme’s parking problems to be solved with double yellow lines any time soon.

That is the warning from county councillor Col Geoff Brierley, who was updating town councillors last night on applications for parking restrictions.

Lyme Regis Town Council has applied for double yellow lines on Horn Bridge.

Coun Chris Clipson said: “Our town bus is badly affected during the summer months. It stops the buses coming down when cars are parked on Horn Bridge.”

Councillors are also concerned about faded lines outside Lyme Regis Medical Centre.

Coun Terry O’Grady said: “There used to be double yellow lines, they faded, and now people are parking dangerously on the bend and it’s only a matter of time before there’s an accident.”

Col Brierley said: “The problem is that when you put these applications in for double yellow lines it does take quite a long time because of legal notification and as soon as someone complains about it, it puts the process into reverse.

“I think Horn Bridge needs to be considered with another one or two applications so it makes a meaningful package for the technical officer to consider.”

But Col Brierley warned that installing lines on Horn Bridge could move the problem elsewhere.

“An unintended consequence that might occur is people will move somewhere else,” he said.

“Springhill Gardens might be the next place they will park.”

As for the medical centre, Col Brierley said the road outside is private.

“It’s a question for the medical centre to deal with themselves,” he said.