Bridport will be adorned with poppies – thanks to the help of local firefighters. 

Bridport firefighters are backing this year’s Poppy Appeal, and it is hoped that lampposts across the town centre will be brightened up with large poppies as a mark of respect in the lead up to Remembrance Sunday on November 12. 

Poppies have been placed on the front of Bridport’s fire engines and firefighters hope to get as many people as possible on board with the campaign. 

Fire station officer Nick Courtice is behind the idea, which is close to his heart. 

“I am an ex-marine myself,” said Mr Courtice. “So I wanted to help the Royal British Legion out as best we can. We’re hoping as many people as possible will sponsor a poppy and we will go and put them up on lampposts across town, especially all down South Street and East Street. 

“The more people get involved the better as the more poppies there are the better the effect will be. 

“People can put a personal message on the poppies if they like and all proceeds will go to the Poppy Appeal.”

Mr Courtice came up with the idea after seeing the success of a similar campaign in Weymouth last year. The Pride of Wyke saw a beautiful display of poppies line Portland Road in a poignant mark of respect.

Mr Courtice said: “I saw what happened in Weymouth last year and contacted the British Legion, who were delighted with the idea. 

“I would absolutely encourage everyone to get involved and come and get a poppy from us.”

Ian Jarvis, Royal British Legion community fundraiser for Dorset, said: “The Poppy Appeal is a fantastic cause. I served for 26 years and I can tell you it is a worthwhile cause. Right across the county we’ve managed to raise £684,000, which is superb.”

Richard and Hilary Cunningham are the charity’s Bridport’s fundraisers. 

Mr Cunningham said: “The firefighters came to us and told us they wanted to do this and we are delighted. It is a fantastic idea. They have agreed to do all of the hard work and put up the poppies which is extremely kind.

“The Poppy Appeal and the parade are always very well-supported here in Bridport and we hope when people see the fire engines they will be encouraged even more so to get involved.”

Bridport firefighters will be selling poppies this Saturday and next Saturday while out and about in the town centre. 

You can also pop into the station, on Sea Road South, on a Monday evening between now and November 6.