OK, so how many of you actually see cyclists go up and down Sea Road North? 

I for one cannot remember the last time I saw one, and the last time I heard about one was when the roadworks were by the Co-op / Lidl and that encountered a car. 

I do not think you can attribute this because there was no cycle path as it is much further along from where the new path is being laid and it was roadworks!

I think it is more a reason for the Council NOT to have to cut the grass verge without upsetting the ‘green’ people as they are more likely to approve the cycle path.

The Council do not like cutting verges. 

As we know the frequency has gone down over the years. 

Unfortunately, so has the quality. 

The machines they send out do not cut the grass properly, up our road we get a gouge right down the centre of the verge, and no cuttings are picked up, leaving unsightly piles all over the area. 

The edges of these verges are creeping over the pavements and down over the kerbs into the road. 

It is appalling. 

Sit on mowers and tractors (yes, tractors) pulling a grass cutter may work well in a field but come on, a residential street!!

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