A HOLIDAYMAKER who visited West Bay for a relaxing break was shocked to discover vandals had trashed the area.

Stuart Smart owns a holiday home along Pier Terrace and was visiting from his home in Sturminster Marshall when he found a spate of vandalism had taken place in the area. 

Mr Smart says he was surprised to find a window had been smashed on one property, a wall post had been ‘smashed to pieces’ on another and a light had been broken.

He fears anti-social behaviour is an ongoing problem in the area and says ‘something needs to be done now.’ 

Mr Smart said: “I received a call from my neighbour on Thursday to say a wall post had been vandalised. I was heading up there on the Friday and so, when I got there, I stacked up all the brick neatly as they’d been smashed to pieces. 

“There is a gated barrier to the property and that had been broken as well. It had been ripped off. There was also a broken window on another property where someone had thrown a stone through it. 

“There used to be lighting down there, but that was broken as well and now it’s pitch black. Now it’s a paradise for youths. When I was there on Saturday there were tonnes of youths hanging around. 

“I understand that there’s not much for them to do but it’s concerning when their fun and games become criminal damage.”

Mr Smart says the incident has left him and his neighbours concerned.
Mr Smart said: “I love West Bay and I love visiting every weekend but I am upset by this. It could be me next. I feel very sad for the people that this has happened to and I fear it is just going to continue. Something needs to be done.”

A spokesman for Dorset Police confirmed they received a call relating to criminal damage along Pier Terrace at the weekend. 

They said: “We were called at 9.02am on Friday, October 27, to reports of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage to a neighbour’s garden wall on Pier Terrace in West Bay.

“It was reported that a group of people were in the area the previous evening (9pm-10pm).”