It's time for residents to cast their vote.

A town council by-election for the ward of Bridport South will take place on Thursday, November 2. The vacancy follows the resignation of Cllr Eddie Colfox.

The four candidates are:

Derek Bussell – Conservatives

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

Derek was born in Bristol, although his family originates from Bridport. He has been married for 44 years and has one daughter and three grandchildren.

Derek moved to Bridport in 1993 whilst working for Normalair Garrett (NGL) in Yeovil. After leaving NGL, he set up an electrical engineering company in Bridport employing local people including apprentices.

Consequently, he says he has an understanding of the local area and the needs of the people. Derek retired in 2015 and says he would like now to put his life experience to use for the benefit of the town.

Derek said: “I have witnessed the steady changes taking place within the town. If I am elected, I would do my upmost to ensure that this trend continues at the same thoughtful pace, but always with consideration given to the natural charm of Bridport and the surrounding areas.”

Nick Boothroyd – Labour

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

A professional musician and teacher, Nick made his home in West Dorset more than 25 years ago. His children grew up here and attended local schools. Five years ago he moved to Bridport and has since put down deep roots.

Nick believes the key issues facing us in Bridport are affordable homes, better jobs and opportunities for young people, health service and transport links.

Nick said: “If elected I will defend public services, challenge vested interests and do all I can to make Bridport a better place to live and work. For too long, Bridport and West Dorset have been under the control of the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives - leading to a regime of austerity.

We have all seen savage cuts to transport, education and NHS provision. It’s time to elect Labour councillors.”

Max Hoyt – Liberal Democrats

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

Max Hoyt, who is aged 18, says ‘it’s time young people had a voice.’

He said: “I feel motivated to bring the voice of young people to the town council. It’s time young people had a voice. I am a Liberal Democrat because they stand for a free, fair and inclusive society and they put people, community and the environment at the heart of their policies.

“I have helped the local campaign team working for affordable housing for young people, saving local buses and our threatened health service.

“If elected as a Town Councillor, I will work to save our local buses, protect the most vulnerable members of our community and ensure better facilities and opportunities are available for local young people.”

Andy Jefferies – Green Party

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

AndyJefferies has a long association with Bridport and the area.

He works in rural economic funding supporting small business and agricultural development in Dorset, and runs a wildlife conservation holiday business operating in the area and beyond.

He has two children in Bridport Primary School and Colfox and is a founder of the Bridport Community Orchard.

Andy said: “We all know Bridport is special – that is why we’re all here. As a town councillor I will work to support residents, local businesses, and to protect and promote our rich cultural and natural heritage.”