‘Mindless’ vandals who trashed equipment at a youth football club have been branded ‘disgusting.’

Children at Bridport Youth U10 Football Club arrived to play at Pitchers in Salwayash to find netting had been cut on three goals and a goalpost had been sawn.

A spokesman for the club, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We arrived to find two big squares cut out of the nets and they’d cut the post.

“It must have been done by an adult because it was so precise. We’ve seen kids swinging on the goalposts in the past but never anything like this. Pieces cut out were also disposed of, so as not to be able to repair. One of the posts was also cut with a hacksaw to destroy the support.

“All the kids saw it and they were disgusted.”

Six youth teams use the pitch to play throughout the week and at weekends and the club pays for equipment through fundraising.

The spokesman said: “We have got to do something because we can’t let this happen again. This affects a lot of kids.

“These goals are paid for by fundraising activities by the parents of BYFC players and are costly to replace, especially when it is down to mindless vandalism.”

The children have been able to continue playing at the club thanks to another team stepping in to offer them the use of their equipment.

The spokesman said: “We teach the children to respect other people’s property and for someone to come along and do this was very upsetting for them to have to see.

“ I am disgusted – I can’t believe it. 

“It’s so petty to damage something used by kids and I’m very worried it could happen again if these people aren’t caught.”

Dorset Police confirmed they were called to a report of criminal damage to sports equipment at the club at 6.40pm on September 30. 

A spokesman for the force said: “The damage occurred some time between 8pm on September 27 and 6pm on the September 28.

“The netting of three goals had been damaged as well as a goalpost.

“Enquiries are underway. 

“No arrests have been made.”