THERE’LL be a new tourist attraction around West Bay this summer with a couple of rickshaws.

The rickshaws belong to the Watch House Café and the idea is customers will pay the licensed operators what they think it’s worth for the ride.

They will operate all around the bay and as far up as the Crown roundabout.

Caroline Richards, events co-ordinator of the Hive Beach Company Ltd, which owns the Watchhouse, said: “The drivers will be operating as non-hackney carriage licensed operators on a ‘tip what you think it’s worth basis’, so the more trips and engagement…the more commission.

“We envisage the riders will be lively, confident and outgoing and able to chat to their passengers about the Watch House, West Bay, its environs and the Jurassic Coast along with fun facts and anecdotes e.g. Broadchurch, Harbour lights and local interest. We’ll provide a simple script.

“We are using them to promote the Watch House Café, driving more business to the café, promoting the pizza menu, evening dining, special offers and the summer Punch and Judy shows.”

Ms Richards said there were many benefits of the rickshaw scheme, from providing and adding value for West Bay visitors, supplying pollution free transport, providing local jobs and promoting health.

She added: “We’re working with the West Bay harbourmaster and have a licence to trade around the harbour and permission to store the rickshaws in the boatyard.”