Musicians rallied together to help one of their own at a fundraiser.

The evening of music and fun, called the Hyper Gig, at the Lyric Theatre, raised £1,830.

A new Bridport band – The Collaborators – headlined the event to raise funds for Chloe Evans-Lippett who suffers from severe and chronic hypermobility, for which there is no cure.

The condition causes her joints to dislocate several times a day, and she lives with crippling exhaustion and constant pain.

Organiser Margie Barbour said: “When I asked Tony, Chloe’s husband if there was anything I could do to help I thought he might ask me to cook the occasional evening meal.

“But when he explained that finances were the really big issue for people living with a crippling illness I offered to see what I could do.

“The concert succeeded on many levels. Lyn Jones and her friends, Louise Ramsden, Pat O’Neill and Tara Booth made food for the artists and ran a successful raffle.

“Sue Lamb and Ro Gallagher came from Bridfem and helped with the front of house and stewarding as did Ian Cabble.

“The Lyric home team of Niki Mccretton, John Dalton and Debbie Smith were also very supportive.”

Chloe Evans-Lippett and Steve Jones opened with an insight into living with the syndrome.

The evening also saw performances from local singer Jack Harrison, 16-year-old Merry Chamen, local ukulele players Bobbies Gurlz, Niki McCretton and more. This was followed by a set by Songbird, the band that Chloe and Steve formed, supported by Michael Grew and Simon Hartung.

Chloe said: “I’ve been so overwhelmed with love and support, but also had to face the dark truth that everyone was there because I have this horrible disease that will never go away.

“But I love this town, they have grouped together to help this family of ours and love like that doesn’t go unfelt. Thank you to everyone who came out to support it; I’ll never forget this feeling.”

Margie added: “I never imagined we would be able to raise as much as this, but I hadn't allowed for the support of the town, especially local businesses and Bridfem, our local feminist group.”