BRIDPORT is a good town to invest in – says the owner of one the town’s successful independent shops – Cilla and Camilla.

Owner Richard Barker, who far from leaving town as some others are, is expanding to bigger premises in East Street, said Bridport was a town worth investing in.

He said: “For me the issue isn’t about whether we are independent or not, it is whether we are good retailers and whether we are investing, as we are, a considerable amount of money in our future on the basis of Bridport being a great place to have a business.”

He said business has been more difficult during the deep recession but things were improving.

He said: “Like in all those situations if you are fundamentally good at what you do and you get it right then you can take advantage at times when possibly others struggle.

“We invest quite heavily in our business and have invested quite heavily in our new shop in Bridport.

“We would not do that if we were not confident.”

Mr Barker bought Cilla and Camilla in Bridport a year ago, in Beaminster two years ago and one in Sherborne a year ago He decided to expand in Bridport because trading in South Street has done well.

He added: “It has given us the confidence to believe we can do better still but we need more space.”

He will be moving to the former Cards and Things shop in East Street.