A water company is urging its customers to make their homes ‘winter ready’ as temperatures plummet.

Wessex Water is advising people not to get caught out, and avoid frozen and burst pipes which can cause flooding and leave homes without water.

Ashlea Lane, director of water supply, said: “Every winter we’re called out to help customers who have been caught out by cold weather and suffered damage to their home.”

“It’s better to be prepared so here’s a few suggestions.”

Winter tips include:

 Make sure you know where your stop tap is and check it’s working

 Fix any dripping taps or overflows

 If you’re going away, consider leaving your heating on and set the thermostat to 14C

 Make sure all roof and vulnerable pipes are insulated and your boiler is serviced

 Make sure you have the name and number of your nearest WaterSafe qualified plumber to hand

 Get a neighbour to look in occasionally if you go away

Visit www.wessexwater.co.uk/winter