DJs from Radio 1 and Radio 2 have just celebrated the stations' 50th anniversary.

The new-look stations were launched on September 30 1967, from what had previously been the BBC's Light Programme.

With this in mind we bring you a photo of the Radio 1 Roadshow on Weymouth beach in the early 1990s.

DJ Steve Wright, who now hosts an afternoon show on Radio 2, is pictured hosting the roadshow on Weymouth beach.

Radio 1's first DJ was 24-year-old Tony Blackburn, who, a few short years before, had been a wannabe pop star gigging in the music venues of Bournemouth.

The government had just outlawed the unregulated, ‘pirate’ radio stations broadcasting from ships off the UK coast. At the same time, the BBC had done away with its Light Programme, Home Service and Third Programme, replacing them with four new stations.

Radio 1 was instantly popular, going on to command more than 24 million weekly listeners at its peak.

Tony Blackburn became one of the station’s stars, known not only for his professionalism and sometimes painful jokes, but for his huge knowledge of soul music.

Blackburn was well known in the Bournemouth area, where his family had moved when he was a child. His father Kenneth was a GP and his mother Pauline a nurse.

Tony was educated at Castle Court School in Parkstone and later did business studies at Bournemouth Technical College. Before getting into pirate radio, he had been a pop singer in the Cliff Richard mould, whose group the Saviours once played the Pavilion Ballroom with Al Stewart on guitar.