BRIDPORT wants a youth club run by and for the youngsters of the town.

To that end when Bridport youth club resumes this week after its usual summer break its trustees will be launching its 'redesign'.

It was last year when Dorset County Council announced it would no longer fund youth clubs but in Bridport a group go together to form a trust and a company called ALS took on the running of the club.

But when the club reopens tonight it will be run by James Ward-Rice, the former Bridport Area Youth Worker, and his team of qualified youth workers.

This will be a temporary measure while the trust consults with the young people of Bridport as to the type of youth club they want.

Trustee Kelvin Clayton said: “Whilst we want to thank ALS, the Somerset based team that delivered the youth club for us last year, for all their hard work we have come to the decision that the young people of the town need to be not only more involved in the running of the club, but in how the club is run and in what it delivers.

"We are in the process of forming a team of young consultants and designers, and are very keen to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in this exciting project.”

Ros Kayes, chairman of the trust, added: “We would also like to thank James for stepping in and providing continuity whilst we take time to design a youth club tailor made to the needs of our unique town.

"The young people who use the club should notice very little difference during this transition, but will hopefully notice a massive improvement by the end of it.”

Any young person wishing to become involved in the redesign of the youth club can contact Kelvin at