THE Ropemakers in Bridport is hosting a day of music to raise money for Cupboard Love Food Bank, as part of “We Shall Overcome” a national weekend of gigs which will see more than 250 concerts across the UK.

“We Shall Overcome’ is a community effort led by musicians and music promoters who want to do something practical to help people in their area who are being hit hard by homelessness and poverty.

Several thousand musicians will perform as audiences are encouraged to bring food for foodbanks or make donations to homelessness and other projects.

The “We Shall Overcome” fundraiser at The Ropemakers is happening on Saturday October 14 and the organisers hope this show of solidarity will also highlight the human cost to the politics of austerity.

Keith Hatch, one of the organisers of The Ropemakers event, said:: “We Shall Overcome is very much a pro-community initiative with events the length of the country aimed at supporting local projects.

"We wanted to do our bit here in Bridport to show solidarity and be part of something big that’s happening right across the country”

“Cupboard Love has been doing a brilliant job providing food parcels to those in need in the area, and unfortunately the numbers that need to make use of their services continues to grow.

"I thought it really important to get involved in We Shall Overcome and support our local food bank.”

Last year’s event raised more than £800 to help people in Bridport using the Food Bank, and this year organisers hope to top that.

Headlining the event will be ever Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs, once described as off the roads skiffle from the world’s oldest and ugliest boy band.

The bands and musicians taking part throughout the rest of the day include Samantics, John D Revelator, Natures Cage, Garry Smith, Devil’s Prefects, Ruthy Ni Conalliain, Sadie Horler and Nigel Clatworthy.

The Ropemaker’s event is runs from 3pm to late with admission free, but people are asked to make a donation to Cupboard Love food bank.