BRIDPORT youngsters have teamed up with professional filmmakers to document their efforts to re-develop Bridport’s outdoor skate park and resurrect the indoor Trick Factory.

The young people are working with the Bristol-based production company Calling the Shots to make a film about what they are striving to achieve and to get it shown through Channel 4’s Random Acts.

They have been helped with the project by Bridport Arts Centre.

Megan Dunford, the arts centre’s participation officer, said: "Bridport Arts Centre is really excited to be working with young people who use the skate park to develop their film making skills,” said "Calling the Shots and Random Acts offered us the chance to work with them to support young people in the area that have a particular idea about a film they want to make.

"With generous support from Arthur Woodgate and the young people's families they will submit an application to Random Acts and if successful receive £5000 and lots of support to make a film. "We are really excited about this opportunity and want to help them in any way we can to make this happen"

A day-long workshop headed by Kamina Walton and Rob Mitchell gave the young people the opportunity to experience successful short films with specific themes, and to then experiment with film-making themselves.

A final brainstorming session threw up enough ideas to create an epic, let alone the three minute short they eventually hope to make if the funding comes through.

Rob Mitchell congratulated the group, with members aged from13 to 21, on the mutual support they had all shown one another throughout the day.

Sixteen-year-old Morgan Scadding agreed to lead the bidding process, with support from the other young people, the arts centre and the Bridport Young Persons Action Trust Charity.

The Skate Park/Trick Factory Development is a partnership between BYPAT and Bridport Town Council, and also actively involves young people, a number of parents and grandparents and other interested adults.

For more information about the film and/or the skate park project contact Megan Dunford on, Daryl Chambers on or Arthur Woodgate on