Bridport is putting on its first mental health festival in a month - but must raise another £2,000 by September 12.

Bridport Mind Fest's crowdfunder has already raised £4,000 but to make sure it can put on the full programme it needs to raise more before the deadline.

The festival itself is only four weeks away and the programme is now available at the Tourist Information Centre, Bridport Arts Centre and numerous outlets in the town. The website is

Organiser Simon Williams said: "The Mind Fest is for all ages, to celebrate the power of the mind, be aware of its vulnerability and how to get help to heal it.

"We are building awareness of mental health and trying to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

"It is an all age festival with a lot going on in the schools.

"We are trying to reduce the stigma and taboos that surround mental health and increase understanding of it.

"Through this we hope that people will have more empathy and those who fear they may be succumbing to a mental illness will seek help earlier.

"Organisations both national and local are being signposted where people can learn more and seek help.

"Early intervention can reduce the severity of the onset of mental illness. we hope that this will be the results of the festival.

"We have an immediate need at the moment. We need £6,000 to fund the festival. We are raising this through Crowdfunder uk. It is all by donation. Our crowdfunder website is

"We have raised just over £4,000 so far, but we need the best part of £2,000 to complete the funding of the festival. This has to be raised by Tuesday September 12, in less than a week.

"We hope people will look at our crowdfunder site and feel they can network out this message to anyone they know."

Donations can also be made by cheque to Bridport Mind Fest at Aroma Café East Street.

The festival is on from Thursday October 5 to 10. You can find more details of the festival on