THOSE of use down in the heartland of west Dorset know how much impact Broadchurch had on the area.

Now it's the subject of an academic study and the man doing the studying wants your help.

Manchester University student Jamie Holloway is doing a geography degree and for his dissertation he is looking into TV-related tourism.

He said: "I am in the process of collecting data for my dissertation. My research is looking into TV related tourism exploring the case study of Broadchurch and the lasting effect that this has had on the town of Bridport/Westbay.

"I am looking to gather some of the local residents/ traders in the town for a group interview to discuss these issues. "

He is holding the interview in the Tiger Inn at 6pm on Thursday next week (17th). Anyone who is interested in coming along should email him at

He's graciously agreed to share the results with us so lets hope someone turns up to chat to him.