A WOMAN was left shocked after driving around Bridport not knowing a family of blackbirds had set up camp in her engine.

Lydia Hill returned to her car in West Bay after two weeks to discover a family of blackbirds had taken shelter in her engine.

Mrs Hill and her husband own a caravan at Parkdean Holiday Park in West Bay. The couple, who run businesses in the area, take on a 340-mile round trip most weekends to stay at their caravan in West Bay. Mr and Mrs Hill had not been back for two weeks, allowing the birds enough time, peace and quiet to set up the nest for the new arrivals. Mrs Hill hadn't realised the new additions had set up a new home in the engine of her yellow Volkswagen Beatle while the couple had been back in the midlands.

The new chicks even withstood being driven around Bridport at the weekend.

Mrs Hill said: "I came back at the weekend and drove it without realising a blackbird made a next in my car engine.

"I drove around all weekend with them. I woke up on Thursday morning to find two babies had hatched out and the mum and dad were feeding them. I drove them to Bridport and back and I didn't realise that they were in there."

The two other eggs hatched later in the week and the chicks were being fed in the nest, still in the car engine.

She added: "We drive 170 miles most weekends to be here but I never thought I was be helping a blackbird raise a family in my car engine.

"All four babies had hatched by Friday and the mum and dad have gone in to feed.

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