PLANS for Bridport to become a Rights Respecting town are gathering pace.

The trio who are the driving force behind the idea - David Powell, Dave Rickard and Kelvin Clayton - were joined by Bridport's next Mayor Anne Rickard in Bucky Doo during the Charter Fair on Saturday (13th May).

They had a stall in town to try and encouraging locals to engage with the idea and to give their comments and suggestions on what the Charter for a Rights Respecting town might look like.

The organisers have issued a flyer which explains the idea.

It says: "Many schools are 'Rights Respecting', making key human rights sit at the heart of the school ethos and values. All children are taught their rights and the responsible behaviour required for all to have their rights met.

"All in the school community understand how to behave like responsible citizens, treating all others with respect. These values are captured in a 'Charter of Rights and Responsibilities' that all sign up to, and all can refer to as they grow.

"We are keen to explore the possibility of extending this approach across the town community. Much activity in the town is already well embedded in the values that accompany human rights."

Cllr Anne Rickard said: "Although this town is generally felt to be a very friendly place where most people already align with these values, after the recent apparent act of disrespect in the town, reported last week, it feels more important than ever to create a charter which can be signed-up to by as many of our citizens as possible, right across the community.

"The city of York has already declared itself as a Rights Respecting City - the first City in the country to do this - and there is no reason why Bridport shouldn't be the first town. I hope to be elected as Mayor soon, and Rights Respecting is close to my heart, so I would like to make this one of my chosen charitable projects as I feel it is extra important, given the uncertainties facing communities currently."

Anyone interested in getting involved, please contact David Powell on, or Dave Rickard on