A GROUP of schoolchildren were spotted beneath the cliffs at West Bay despite repeated warnings about the dangers of potential rockfalls. 

A 20-strong group, including adults, were seen taking measurements and examining rocks, apparently on a school field trip - they even stopped for lunch on the rocks. 

There have been many warnings issued to the public about walking beneath the famous cliffs. 

Photographer Graham Hunt captured the images. 

Mr Hunt said: “They appeared to be on a school field trip as they had clipboards and were talking measurements and looking at the rocks. 

“They looked to be aged about 13 to 14. I saw two of the supervising adults sitting amongst a rock fall having lunch while the children were working at the base of the cliff.” 

Mr Hunt added: “One of the youngsters dislodged a piece of rock about the size of a dinner plate from the cliff face, which showed how fragile the rock was. The group must have been there for at least four hours.”

Sam Rose, Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site manager, reminded visitors to the coast to stay safe and reiterated the potential dangers. 
“Our advice to everyone is to stay away from the base and top of the cliffs as it is dangerous,” said Mr Rose.

“The cliffs at West Bay could fall at any minute - it could be tomorrow, it could be in three years’ time. 
“There is a lot of signage around to make people aware.” 

In July 2014, Charlotte Blackman was killed by a 400-ton rockfall at West Bay and, back in August, emergency services were called to a huge rockfall.